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Just Fucking Ship

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Whenever you look around, you know what you should be doing: creating and launching and selling a product, bootstrapping a business on the side.

You’re smart. You’re capable. You've got the skills to make stuff. 

You can see the kinds of results others are creating for themselves. You want those results, too. 

The path forward  both natural and in reach:

Step one: start a side project

Step two: ...finish that side project

Step three: actually SHIP that side project

Step four: get that project in the hands of people who want it, value it, and are happy to pay you for it. 

But when you try it, you get stuck. You stall. leads to to

What’s stopping you? You get things done in your job… why can’t you just make this happen?

The good first bit of good news is there IS a reason. You're trying to use your old ways of working - the ones you learned in school and while working for bosses at jobs - to get a different kind of work done. 

Shipping a product might  similar to the work you've done before, but it's actually the complete opposite. Your old ways of working might have gotten you grades and praise and promotions in the past… 

But it won’t work now, not for this.

There’s good news, though: You learn the NEW skills and habits and techniques you need to achieve what you want.

I learned them. Alex learned them. We’ve successfully taught them to the several hundred students who have taken our courses on bootstrapping products. Students who’ve gone from doing & shipping nothing — always waiting for an authority figure to poke & prod them to do the work — to self-powered juggernauts with growing audiences. They have workshops, ebooks, and other products for sale. They have marketing plans, customers, and businesses making money. They have freedom. 

Now we want to help you, so you can use them to create whatever it is you want — whether you want to take 30×500 or not, whether your side project is a hobby or a business. Whether that side project is a book, an app, an open source project, actually write on your blog, teach a class, learn something new, get a better job… the rules are the same.

We'll teach you 21 principles for getting off your butt and finally shipping.

The 21 Principles to Just Fucking Ship

1. Always consider your guest

2. Set a deadline... and mean it

3. Work backwards

4. Break it down into component parts

5. Get crispy

6. Start small

7. Start on the atoms, not on the edges

8. Shop the shelf

9. Track your progress

10. Every version better

11. Learn from recipes

12. Choose your difficulty setting

13. Mise en place

14. Niceties vs Necessaries

15. Cut without remorse

16. Feeling to fact

17. Mistakes happen

18. Embrace your worst case

19. Embrace the Pauli Principle

20. Your next launch 

21. Practice good habits 

Also, BONUS chapters including: 

- Temper your feelings

- How we used all these techniques to write & ship this book in 24 Hours

- Tools & Resources (coming soon)

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Just Fucking Ship

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